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Metal parts require a variety of lubricants to ensure proper function and reduced wear and tear. When it comes to protecting metal components, no one does it better than KG Industries, LLC.

For more than fifty years, KG has been a recognized leader in providing protective metal coatings and industrial lubricants. We take great pride in the versatility of our products, which is evident in the varying industries we work with. Industries ranging from oil drilling to auto parts manufacturing have benefited from our ability to provide solutions for corrosion, lubrication, chemical protection and impact resistance.

Working directly with your staff, KG will meet your companies’ exacting needs with custom formulations rather than an off-the-shelf product. Whether you are a professional mechanic or an avid gun owner, know that you can always count on KG for lubricants and gun cleaning supplies to keep metal parts in top condition. Discover how KG’s proprietary processes, technologies and custom formulations are able to provide the coating and lubrication solutions you need to reduce costs and improve your bottom line today.


We use a simple pricing structure so you know what your paying without any surprise fees:

Tear down and rebuild:

If you ship us a complete gun it is $75 gunsmithing fee to strip and rebuild after the coating is applied. If we receive the items already stripped this cost will of course be waived.


$60 per part per color. This includes all stencils, etc.


Pistol - Frame is one part, slide is another part

Ar-15 - Upper, Lower, Handguard are separate parts.

Send us a message With the idea you have and let us work with you to make your vision a reality.

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