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Day one
• Introduction and safety briefing (class room)
• Gear Check (class room)
• Day one schedule (class room)
Move to covered bay with yard lines
This will be “static on-line”
• Range rules briefing
• 15 yard bench zero
• Get on line for a slow fire assessment
• Basic principles of marksmanship
• Deep dive into grip. Placement and pressure.
• Levels of confirmation at multiple distances. (trigger control, sight picture shooting doubles)
• Reloads (slide forward only) don’t care about the others
• Malfunction clearing
• 5 yard bill drills
• 15 yard bill drills
• 15 yard FTS drills
• Target transitions
• Single file shoot off
• End the day clapping for the top shooter

Day two
Covered bay
Dynamic skill development
• USPSA stick drill
• Hard entries and exits
• Soft entries and exits
• Shooting on the move (lateral, forward and back)
• Vision barriers
• Stage planning and basic understanding of scoring.
• Stage one
• Stage two
• Stage 3 shoot off
• Stage 4 shoot off

This class is intended for confident shooters.

Beginning shooters are welcome but may be overwhelmed at times.

This class will give you all the tools needed to become a high level shooter but YOU have to put in the time.

You’ll leave the class with knowledge that applies to tactical and competitive situations.

Mandatory gear

1. 1200 rounds of pistol ammo

2. Semi auto handgun

3. Three mags

4. Holster (AIWB is fine)

5. 2 mag pouches

6. Eye and ear protection




1. Red dot

2. Back up pistol and supporting gear

4. 5 mags or more

5. Inner and outer style belt system

6. Sturdy shoes/boots

7. Note book

8. Plenty of carbs and protein


10. Be open minded and chill out on the ego. It’s ok to throw away old techniques and adapt new ones even tho “you’ve been doing it that way for years"

Drew Gaston

Prefer to pay cash or check? click the link to email us.


⁃ You muzzle, flag, point or sweep ANYONE with your gun you’re done. No refund. No exceptions. go home.

⁃ Hostile, aggressive, and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. My self and any other staff of the Ranch will have final say

⁃ The whole class will be lodging onsite

-Must be 18 years old to attend class. ID's will be check at registration, If you are not of age you will be asked to leave property and no refund will be given.

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